Termite Inspection

Termites may seem damageable, but it's not. The tiny creature causes unnecessary problems. Being small, they take advantage of our ignorance, and slowly start damaging the property. Only a proper termite inspection will help you find them, and take the ideal steps to get rid of it. And at Vigilant pest control, you are assured of a thorough inspection, and solution via our termite treatment services.

Problems caused by termites

Termites can spoil your furniture, and harm other valuable wooden structures in your house. Worse, they deteriorate its condition, and lower the lifespan. This increases the repairing costs, and leads to more spending.

It also causes a few diseases such as allergic reactions, and their droppings lead to skin related issues. Many other human problems are caused by them. So, if you want to avoid this, it is mandatory to take the precautions, and be prepared first hand.

Our pest control services will help you through this. These include -

Complete inspection

Via our pest control services, our professional experts search your house completely. No spot is left uncovered. We examine your ceilings, windows, leaks, walls, etc. After the complete scrutiny, we double check, and then prepare a specific solution report.

Our termite treatment crew will discuss the solution, and iterate it to suit your needs. Of course, we provide you with constant support throughout. We guide you at each step, and advice cost efficient treatment.

Use of modern technology

Vigilant pest control uses modern tools to inspect termites. By using thermal imaging, we scan hidden spots. These are the places where the termites hide, and cause the problems they are known for. We also use the tapper to check on the wooden surfaces.

A moisture meter and thermal camera is used to further strengthen our inspection, and find the strong areas where they reside. By using these technologies, no place is left unsearched, and detailed analysis is done. If you ask us to use any specific tool to do the service, we do it. Because in the end, we prioritize customer satisfaction.

Chemical Treatment

Our workers then start the treatment process. Each and every nook is cured, placed barriers to restrict termite movement, and every necessary use of chemicals, biological process is carried out. We make sure the process is as organic as possible. Special attention is given to pets, children, and your belongings.

Vigilant pest control takes care of these units, and also ensures the treatment work is carried out efficiently. And the best part is after the final treatment is done. We ask you to check it to be satisfied with the treatment. And if you require any additional service to be done, our team members do it happily.

Take the service now

Don't leave it too late for the termites to cause the damage. This will cause extensive damage to your most valued asset - Home. And later will force you to shed money for the treatment. All you have to do is ask for our free quote, and get our service. We don't charge any penny for the service. Vigilant pest control service provides you a free estimation, custom solution, and a dedicated service to ward off the problems caused by the termites.

It's good to have the termite inspection regularly to prevent any future issues. This will save you from spending more on unnecessary repairing which can be easily saved. How? Call us now for a thorough termite inspection.