Its likely termites have accumulated in your house. Well, why then even you would be here. Maybe, the corners of your house are filled with these small creatures. Or the cracks now are filled with them. Worse, it could even litter your garden, or staying area. Whatever the problem, Vigilant Pest control's termite protection services will help you get rid of it. Finding the problem of termites is one thing.

The tough job is to estimate the likely damage it could have done. Your house being your asset, you sure don't want it to be damaged, do you? This is where Vigilant Pest control comes in. Having cadre of professionals, we scan your home, find the source of the damage, and provide a tailor made solution. We have years of experience in the termite protection industry. So, you will have a reliable partner, expert in eradicating termites from different places - Home, Office, Garden, Garage, etc.

Termite protection methods

Different homes require different treatment. There's not a single fixed solution, because the likelihood of damage done varies. We therefore provide personalized solutions. One that suits your needs, and aligns with your requirements.

It starts with a thorough inspection of your home. We scan every nook and corner. This includes walls, cracks, windows, kitchen area, bedrooms, etc. We leave no spot untouched. Our professionals use modern tools and equipment for the said purpose. Thermal imaging is used for extensive analysing. With this, every remote area is fed with a ray that makes us understand the true source of the termites.

Our professionals then prepare a sizable report that has the major cause of the problem, and a detailed solution. We only begin our treatment once you are content with it. We walk you through each and every step to analyze the treatment, and constantly listen to your feedback to provide a customer-centric service.

After the source finding is done, we dust your home rigorously. This is to eliminate all the possible colonies, and danger zones. We make sure your furniture is unharmed, and that no trouble is caused to your home. The chemicals used are nearly organic, and harmless. This is to avoid any danger to the pets, family members, gardening area, and other major belongings.

Termite protection prices

Vigilant Pest control's termite protection cost is economical. We make sure our service is affordable, and delivered to every household in Australia. But it depends on the extent of the repairing that needs to be done to eradicate the termites. It generally varies, but it's between $2000 - $4000, based on your service requirement. Our service is focused on quality, and you will get your money's true worth.

What's in it for you?

Complete control

Our service hands you the complete control of the work. You get to dictate the work, and get the work done your own way. Our service is catered to your specifics, and runs, as per your wish.

Follow up

The work isn't done until you are satisfied. After we complete the work, we let you analyse the service, and advice if there's any change you'd like to make. And we then work on your suggestions to complete those that meet your objectives.

Customer convenience

Doing a termite treatment leads to a lot of uncleanliness. And we make sure it's cleaned by us before we leave your house. Because customer convenience is at the heart of our company's motto. We also get the furniture settled at the exact place as it was before the service.