Brisbane's Most Competent Wasp Control Service

Are wasps and wasp nests giving you sleepless nights? Or is it that you are coming across wasps and you are afraid that your property might be infested by wasps and wasp nests? What you need is a trustworthy wasp control service, which will be able to take corrective measures and come up with a permanent solution. What better name can you opt for than Vigilant Pest Control, if you are in Brisbane?

With a formidable experience under our belt and with some of the best experts having access to the latest tools and the safest products, we are one of the most trustworthy and competent wasp control services in Brisbane.

Do not be reluctant if you come across wasps, for these are extremely aggressive pests and their bites can result in excruciating pain, swollenness and even high fever. In the case of kids and elders their bites can even be more dangerous.

Dial (04) 1358 1715 to get in touch with us to fix an appointment. Or email to us and we will send you a wasp removal quote in Brisbane that will fit in your budget.


How Many Types of Wasps Do You Come Across in Brisbane?

In Australia, you generally come across the following species of wasps, and Brisbane and its adjoining regions are no exception.

  • Common wasps
  • German wasps
  • Norwegian wasps
  • Tree wasps
  • Red wasps
  • Cuckoo wasps
  • Hornets
  • Honeybee

We Are Next to None in Terms of Perfection in Wasp Control Measures in Brisbane


At Vigilant Pest Control, we come up with perfectly tailored wasp removal and control services in Brisbane that includes thorough pest inspection and use of just the right kind of pesticide which is safe as well as appropriate, depending upon the type of wasp that your property is infested by.

Our Brisbane wasp control specialists will conduct their services in a highly professional manner, ensuring that these highly aggressive pests do not get to an all-out attack mode, putting the safety and security of your pets and family members at stake, while they carry out the removal service. Thus, we are the best you need to summon in Brisbane, at the first signs of wasp infestation at your home.

Same day service

At Vigilant, you get the benefit of same day service. You just have to get a free quote, and specify your requirements. Our staff will be at your door the same day to protect your house from termites.

No upfront fees

There's no hidden charges you need to pay. We don't bill you unnecessary fees. All you have to do is get the service, and pay as per the quality of service. Which is always economical.

TERMITE Services
Tailored service

The complete service is done under your supervision. We cater to your demands, and therefore work to fulfill your house needs. Each, and every spot is serviced, and is done only after your approval.