Most Effective White Ant Control in Brisbane

White ants or termites can cause large scale damages to your home, office or any other establishment, especially if you have wooden furniture. These insects feed on wood and cause plenty of harm to the items. So, if you are facing an infestation, you should call Vigilant Pest Control right away since we offer highly effective white ant control services in Brisbane.

We use specific solutions to eliminate these pests, and we do it after finding out their hideouts. For the white ant treatment in Brisbane, we specifically use high-end tools that can reach the nook and crannies of your property and drive these insects out. Thus, you can rest assured that the service will help protect your furniture.

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White Ant Removal Following All Safety Precautions

Since white ants are small and their body shape is similar to conventional ants, removing them requires the use of a combination of chemicals. But worry not, since we take the necessary safety measures before and during the white ant removal service in Brisbane. This includes guiding you to a safe location before commencing the service and directing you to keep out from the treated areas for a few hours or more. Also, we recommend keeping your children and pets away during and after the treatment, at least for a few hours. However, we only use minimally toxic chemicals to keep you safe from health hazards.

After the white ant or termite control treatment in Brisbane, our exterminators check all the areas where they generally lurk. This helps them determine the efficacy of the treatment. But in most cases, these white ants are eliminated in just a single treatment.

Why Is Our Brisbane White Ant Treatment So Popular?


Our Brisbane white ant treatment is highly favoured due to the quick results that it produces. Indeed, we carry out the service with precision, using our proprietary solutions which not only help eliminate these pests but also avoid a recurring infestation.

So, if you are looking for white ant exterminators in Brisbane who can get rid of these damaging insects in no time, consider yourself at the right place.

Same day service

At Vigilant, you get the benefit of same day service. You just have to get a free quote, and specify your requirements. Our staff will be at your door the same day to protect your house from termites.

No upfront fees

There's no hidden charges you need to pay. We don't bill you unnecessary fees. All you have to do is get the service, and pay as per the quality of service. Which is always economical.

TERMITE Services
Tailored service

The complete service is done under your supervision. We cater to your demands, and therefore work to fulfill your house needs. Each, and every spot is serviced, and is done only after your approval.